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Expert Builders

Construction requires focus and a vision for the future. Our focus is the result of over two centuries of experience provided by our founder and our team of experts. We don’t just offer skills, connections, and experience. We offer a standard of excellence forged by the passion of truly talented individuals working together.


Use our network of tradesmen, vendors, designers, builders, and visionaries to set your project up for success.

Planning and Design

Your space does not need tools, labor, and materials. Your space needs a destination. We will help you define that destination, and pave the roads to it. Those roads will be built by the best road builders in the world, and with CCG? You can be sure those roads will be up to code.

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Our efforts are driven by the desire to restore your space it's original beauty, function, and feel while ensuring municipal and building codes are considered and maintained.

Quality work

We categorically refuse to do any job incorrectly. In our opinion, ‘correct’ is series of options catered to the size, location, function, aesthetic, hazards, etc. of your property. Whether it’s moisture in water adjacent properties, or the space challenges of northwest DC; CCG’s process is designed handle everything with agility and precision.

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Your space is yours. Leverage CCG's unique assets to make it truly yours. Install improvements, additions, etc. Our process exists to achieve your dreams.

Improvement and Innovation

The beauty of our process is that it is modular. It is designed to maintain the agility necessary to respond to customer desires, beyond what was and beyond what other organizations told you was possible. Take advantage of our process, and achieve your dream home.

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It Is Who We Are

CCG is a group of professionals with decades of construction experience, and an expansive network of technicians, craftsmen, architects, builders, and entrepreneurs. Our combined experience allows us to stretch the limits of what you thought was possible for your space. Let our passion and experience help your vision with possibility and direction.

Restoration and Improvement

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